Loungewear Set


Only available in our showroom.

    • A 3-piece set of elegant loungewear, made from addictively soft fabric, for your pleasure, for your skin, for a touch - or as a gift for someone who revels in those little pleasures.
      1. Top Details: Slips on with fold detail on front and back
      2. Fabric: 100 % Cotton
      3. Zipper on the side
      4. Pants Details: Relaxed loose fit with elastic waist
      5. Fabric: 100 % Silk
      6. Jacket Details: Trict Jacket with lace trimmings
      7. Fabric: Tricot
      8. Set available in White/Pink or White/Blue or White/Brown
      1. Fits true to size.
      2. See size guide for reference.
      3. Please contact our customer care team by emailing contact@diamondogs.com if you have any questions.

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